The Wing-Light Team
Speed is our Passion

Name: Jürgen Knupe
Year of Birth: 1963
Education: Mechanical Engineer
Professional Skills: since 1989: working on CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
1989-1997 : engine development in automotive industry
1997-2006 : BMW F1 Team, CFD-simulation of all engine related topics of the BMW F1 cars
2006-Present : automotive industry, CFD-simulation of all engine related topics
Hobbies: explore the world; my favorite country is Australia
1988-1996 : motorcycle racing, German and European Championship 250cc
1998 : start of my cycling hobby career with mountain biking
2002 : purchase of my first road bike, an Eddy Merckx
since then: growing interest in time trials and improving the equipment
Personal Homepage:
Dave Farmer
Name: David Farmer
Year of Birth: 1972
Education: Bachelor and Master of Engineering Degrees from the UK.
Professional Skills: 1996–1999: Design Engineer in the UK for a Formula 1 Engine Manufacturer
1999–Present: Design Engineer for a Formula 1 Manufacturer in Germany.
Hobbies: 1986–Present: Amateur racing cyclist: Time trials, Road racing, Track racing, Mountain biking.
1983–Present: Sailing – dingy racing and offshore cruising.
Always combined with a fascination for equipment and finding an advantage…..